Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!! And Happy Jellybeans!!!

Jellybeans?? You ask???
Well, I just happen to be sitting here with a small back of jellybeans that were given to me by Santa :)
.... I just wish there weren't any black licorice jellybeans... blech!
I also cannot decide whether or not I enjoy the toasted marshmallow jellybean.
Don't worry, :) I eat them anyways :))

Anywhooo!!!! I hope all of you people had a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic and merry Christmas!!! I know I did!
Thank You to everyone who wished me a Merry Christmas!

But!!! A new and fabulous year is to come! So get ready everyone and whip out those New Years Resolutions! It's time to promise yourself ANYTHING for a whole year!
I managed to keep my grades up like I promised to myself. I hope your old resolutions were conquerable as well.

Blech!!! I keep grabbing a black licorice jelly bean! If only it were a red licorice :))) particularly a pull-and-peel one :)) then I'd eat it.
Shhhh.... I'm an inner food junkie. BUT ONLY ON THE HOLIDAYS!!!...... and whenever I have a hankering for marshmallow popcorn... BUT WHO'S KEEPING COUNT! :D I know I'm not. Sorta. Haha.

Don't worry. I do try and stay healthy as much as I can. I even stopped drinking soda in July :).

Okay people!!! I am quite LITERALLY about four chapters away from finishing Part II of Antiserum! I'm excited! I hope you are too!!!

Now! Go get a-munchin' on some of those Christmas Cookies before I get to them first!!!

Be Safe!
<3Patricia Carrigan

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I love the holiday season :)
Although, it seems like one of my neighbors is trying to compete... light wise. haha. It's really funny because where I grew up, the streets would be shut down because so many people would be walking around looking at the Christmas Lights :) it's my favorite part.
But, when we moved up to the bay area... let's just say that my neighborhood (except for a select few) doesn't dress up their houses as much :). So in return my family and I always do our best to light up our house. And usually a handful of other neighbors dressed up their houses in their usual way but THIS year, when we added a few more strings of lights around our yard, the other neighbor added twice as many lights than they originally had AND an inflatable snow globe!!!!!
There are so many more lights on between our two houses that our newest neighbors across the street was joking about how they had to get in on the competition. Haha. :)
Unfortunately, our own inflatable snowglobe with the cute little penguin on the inside "broke"... or that's what my sister told me. I personally think that she wants a new one. But I say, "The more the MERRIER!"
Haha... Christmas Pun.

Anywhooooo, next Wednesday, my school hosts a Winter Festival... aka WinterFest. And the choir, the band, and the art class, glass class, and the ceramics class, all display what they could do :)
Guess who has some stuff going on display :)
For glass, I made a dream catcher :))))
The whole top part and the feathers are made of clear glass and decorated with glass spaghetti rods.
I will show you the finished product of my ceramic piece which is the Secret Container. Haha I made a big 'ol penguin with little fat rolls over his toes and a beanie. The secret conainer part of it is that it's head comes off and you could put stuff in his body :D it's so cute but it will be done by next week. I'll take a picture of it then and post it :)
Oh! Speaking of my penguin, when you're glazing, you can't get any glaze on the bottom of it or else it will get stuck on the kiln shelf and that's a big no no. So I was scrubbing the booty of my penguin when I suddenly get a phone call, now don't get all upset because I answered it in class, don't worry, my teacher said that she understands if people have to take a phone call if it's work, family emergency, etc. Now, because I get different phone calls from Trafford, I can't always save the different numbers that they use all the time. This phone call (I at first thought) could be just like the last so I answered and MY GOODNESS, I was surprised! It was actually someone from the college that I REALLY want to go to! And apparently, a couple weeks ago, when I went to the meeting for the college at my school, the lady I was speaking to told someone else and now they invited me to go to a dinner that they're hosting next week!!!!
I'm so happy about it!!!! yay!

Haha. Other than that, I've been working at A'GACI and writing away, as well as working on homework and coming up with more glass projects AND perfecting the art of throwing a pot. I think I got the hang of it now. :D If you haven't tried it, then I must say, it's a lot harder than it looks :)))))


Oh!!! and guess what!!! NOT ONLY is Christmas in about two weeks but guess what is 7 days after it????? MY BIRTHDAYYYYY!!!!!!! That's right, January 2 is my birthday, as well as my twin's birthday. :D

Alrighty, I WILL post again soon!!!

Be Safe and Cheery!!
<3 Patricia Carrigan

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pictures Galore! haha and Chapter Two!

Hello Everyone!
SUPER GOOD NEWS! I just sent a really nice check to The Burn Institute! Thank you to all of my readers for helping me in this cause!
This week was SO busy! Or... it just REALLY seemed like it. Haha :)
BUT I have stuff for all of you guys :) guess what is????? PICTURES! AND WRITING! but not just any writing... no... not at all... it is chapter TWO! OF ANTISERUM PART II: THE RISING!
So, unfortunately, my glass project wasn't fused in time to get a picture for this particular post but I do have two ceramic projects and my halloween costume to show you all :)

This was inspired by Brer Rabbit at Splash Mountain in Disneyland :)
And this is a pot that I threw on a weel :) it's so much harder to do than it looks :)
Unfortunately, these pics are a little blurry but I was red faerie for halloween :)
I have also fallen in love with Christina Perri's new song A Thousand Years. It's so sweet and so pretty. I really suggest that you all listen to it :)
NOW! the moment you've all been waiting for, GO CHECK OUT CHAPTER TWO ON THE ANTISERUM PART II PAGE!! Click here to read it! F

<3 Patricia Carrigan

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Work work work :)

Hey everyone!
I know, long time no post :) but the good news is, I am now healthy and not coughing and my voice is fully back :) yayyyyy!
But anyways, :) I have started work as a Fashion Consultant at a store that just opened up at the mall, A'GACI :) it's a really cute junior girls' fashion store :) love it!
Don't worry though! I'm still finding time to write AND do my school work :) I'm a busy bee at heart :)
Although, that's not the only way I'm described. One of my favorite followers on twitter recently described me as "She's like an angel cake laced with the secretions of crazy toads... lovely, but a bit maaaaad, too"
Teehee :) I love that, and it's definately the best description I've ever gotten :)

Well, this week was pretty busy for me with school and taking care of the dogs at home :) This was the last week to work with wet clay in my ceramics class but, not to fear, I got all of my projects finished in time for the last Bisque firing. :) And I've been told by my glass teacher that I need to create a piece for a PTSA "Diversity is..."
So, I've decided that when all of my ceramic pieces are done and my glass project is done, I will post some pictures of them AND post chapter two of Antiserum Part II: The Rising !!

I hope all of you guys are having a great time and are readying for Halloween! I know I am!

Be Safe!
<3Patricia Carrigan

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Homecoming week and a note from my No. 1 fan

Hey y'all

So, as I said, this week was homecoming week and we had some more spirit days :)

Monday was the Freshmen's spirit day, they dressed up for Berkley, so there was a lot of hippy outfits and Cal State shirts and jackets.

Tuesday was Santa Cruz for the Sophomores, so they dressed up for a fun day at the beach. (with plenty of Beach Balls)

Wednesday was San Francisco for the Juniors and there were more than enough Giants t-shirts to go around. Trust me :)

Thursday was DISNEYLAND for the Seniors :) everyone had their own different things for disneyland. I spent the day wearing some tigger ears and wearing an eeyore backpack (totally adorable) with my premium disneyland pass from 2005-2006. :) so much fun :)

Then Friday's theme was the class shirts. Now, I have never bought any of the school's class shirts, I've always worn a homemade one :) and my sister, Mary (J.B.) went all out this year on our shirts with an awesome design on the front and some even cooler wings on the back. :) Don't worry, I think I'm going to have a couple pictures to put up from my friends Tailgate Party that we had after school in the student parking lot :)

Anyways, Homecoming week was pretty fun and the Tailgate was even better :) but guess what tonight is....



I'm leaving for it in a couple of hours to meet up with some friends :)

On the other hand though, I just wanted to share a small piece of poetry that my #1 fan sent to me on LinkedIn. :) He's so sweet.

Somewhere there's someone who dreams of your smile,
and finds in your presence that life is worth while.
So when you are lonely, remember it's true
Somebody somewhere is thinking of you. :-) :-)

Some people are just so nice :) and it's because of awesome people like him that I'm able to be so happy all the time as well as keeping the energy to be bouncy :) Thank Youuuu!!!!

Anyways :), I hope all of you guys are having an awesome time this weekend as well as having an even more awesome time getting ready for HALLOWEEN!!!! I know I am. :)

Be safe!

<3Patricia Carrigan!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Lady Macbeth :)

Here you go everyone :) this is a video of how I memorize a passage from Shakespeare's Macbeth. Being VERY dramatic seems to really help with the memorizing process. :)

Workin' Woman!

Hey y'all!
Guess what, I have been hired by A'GACI, it's a totally awesome junior fashion clothing store :)
I'm super excited to get my working schedule and everything else started.
I just have to get in the swing with school work, writing a book, and working. I'm sure I'll manage though. I needed to start somewhere on my college money savings :).
And, I've also got a small surprise for everyone. It's just going to take a little while before I could post it. It's a video that was taken of me practicing a passage from Shakespeare's Macbeth that my sister secretly recorded on my sister-in-laws iPod. Let's just say I was being really dramatic with my reciting. BUT HEY!
Good news, I did really well when I recited it in class :) so yayyy :)
Other than that, my week was pretty good, it went by pretty fast in my opinion :) Although, that wouldn't really surprise me because junior year went by really fast, so it would only make sense for my senior year to go by even faster :)
We already recieved our progress reports and I'm passing all of my classes with an A. And I'm hoping to keep it that way for the rest of the school year, which would be "A"mazing. Hahahahaha, sorry, I couldn't resist it.
Anyways, I'm definately going to tell you how awesome work is going to be when I start and I'll keep you updated with other things over twitter and LinkedIn.
Oh, but I can tell you that IT'S HOMECOMING WEEK and our spirit day to dress up is DISNEYLAND!!! haha, yes, I'm excited. And I'm going to find some sort of disneyness from my past that I could show off :) I love Disneyland. It's bonkers how much a miss it.
Any who, I'll keep you all updated.

Be Safe Y'all!
<3Patricia Carrigan

Friday, September 30, 2011

Disaster Strikes!!!

Oh my gawd! It was so scary!!!!
It was just like any other day, I was walking through the local drug store with my mom when all of a sudden...

I thought I was done for... BUT THEN
Wow.... it was such a crazy time at the store...
But here's little Willie Woozle happy in my house
Well :) Other than that,
 Spirit week is now complete :) and I have successfully dressed up for two of the days :)
Cowgirl/Cowboy day, and Twin Day, unfortunately, I was unable to get a picture of my sister and I on twin day but we did take a picture with each other for the yearbook. BUT I do have a picture of myself on cowgirl day.
Well, :) That is how my week went, I hope all of yours went great too :D

Be safe y'all!

<3 Patricia Carrigan

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Windy Days and Sticky Hair

Hello Everyone!
How was your week? I hope they were well :)
Sadly, I wasn't able to go to the haunted bridge because of some difficulties that came up during the week... sadface.
But :) I am now a part of RABMAD which stands for Read A Book, Make a Difference. The website was made to allow readers to see which authors make donations to differents causes so that the reader knows that if they buy a book from one of the authors there then they would be contriuting to a good cause :)
Here's a link to my page on RABMAD.
Anywho :) My week at school was actually pretty good, and on top of that, guess what, next week is spirit week :)
Monday: Superhero's vs Villans Day
Tuesday: Mix & Match Day
Wednesday: Cowboy/Cowgirl Day
Thursday: Twin Day
Friday: 80's Workout Day
I'll take pictures of mine and my sister's outfits for which ever days we dress up :) Twin Day and Cowgirl day are a given :) teehee.

But, :) do you know what made my week absolutely fantastic??? I was talking to a friend of mine in my English IV class and was telling him about how my mom had taken me to get something to drink at the local Walgreens and how we ended up getting more than we originally went for including my super lollipop that we bought for about fifty cents on but just then I realized I had placed the super lollipop in my front purse pocket when I got home. So as I said that I also got a sucker, I quickly reached into my purse pocket and pulled it out which was quickly followed by a giggle and a happy dance :D it was so amazing. My friend laughed at my goofiness.
Unfortunately, it was pretty windy that day and due to the 'superness' of my super blowpop, I had to hold it while I talked and then the wind would blow and get my hair on my lollipop which would make my hair sticky. Oh... the things I go through for such an awesome lollipop. It took me near fourty minutes to get to the gum in the center but it was very much worth it :) teehee.

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend and week,
I'll be typing again soon.
<3 Patricia Carrigan

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hot Pink, Ice Blue... and Haunted Bridges??

Haha, hey everyone!
How's it goin'? Everything is going peachy dandy over here in the bay area.
High school already seems to be going by way to fast, just three more weeks and progress reports are supposed to be coming out. Oh goodness, that's so fast to me. :)

Anyways, Antiserum Part II: The Rising is getting pretty close to being done :) yay!

As for the blog topic, I actually just painted my nails... and I have no idea why I chose the colors that I did. I painted them hot pink with ice blue tips. And, yes, they look ridiculous. Haha.

So, I've finished my second English essay, thank gawd. I may be a writer but essays are still fairly dull. And I already have two Government essays that need to get done. Luckily my teacher lowered the page expectation from fifteen pages to thirteen. Fun times :) Haha. At least I like that class. Hopefully Economics Class will be just as fun :)

Oh! and Guess what! A few of my friends and I are going on a ghost hunt! I don't really know why (I'm terrified) but lately we've all been wanting to have a good scare so, we found this place, that's basically in the middle of no where, where there is a bridge that's haunted by a witch. The story behind it is that this girl was accused of being a witch and was hung from this huge tree and buried under the bridge right next to it. And now it's said that if you go on the bridge and say that she doesn't exsist then some weird stuff will start happening. Ah! haha. You see, my friends and I actually drove out there on Friday but... by the time we got there it was pitch black out side and we all had the worst case of being a scaredy cat. It doesn't help that we spent the whole ride going down those back roads freaking ourselves out with 'it would be freaky if this happened' or the usual 'what if' talk. But I can say that because we didn't get out of the car, we all decided that we were going back this Friday and actually going on the bridge. Hahaha *nervous*.

There was something kinda weird/freaky that happened, though. We were driving back and (being that we knew how dark it was without headlights, here's a hint, pitch black) as we turned a corner off of the one lane road to the two lane, we saw this old woman walking super slow basically in the middle of the street. Now, I've seen quite a few scary movies where the old woman is always the one that's the freakiest. So, for a little while, we all disregarded her and just kept driving. But onces we got back into what we called 'civilization' where there were street lights. We all were wondering, why was that woman walking in the middle of the road when it was pitch black without a flash light, and then I pointed out... We didn't even pass her on the way towards the bridge... so where did she come from.

Haha, so that's just my supernatural fun time. I'll tell you how next Friday goes, and maybe I'll have a video as well. :)

Alrighty everyone, that's all that I really have for an update, but I'm sure I'll have some more soon :)

<3 Patricia Carrigan.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

High School

Hello everyone!!!
I just got through my SECOND week of school and I already have an english essay to write haha. It's alright though. I just need to not put it off and just get it over with. And, we're starting to read Macbeth as well as watching the movie of it. The one where it's more like a greek play instead of a real setting. So far we've gotten through the first act in both the anthology and the movie.

Although, I kinda feel like a dork when my teacher asks us what movie Macbeth also plays in and I'm the first to answer, "Lord Of The Rings; Gandalf" I'm not sure if thats how you spell it but I'm sure you get the picture. Haha. And then I noticed that one of the actors in the movie also plays the Sith Lord in Star Wars. Hehe.. I have my moments.

I blame it on how much my family loves movies :) I love it though.

Speaking of movies, I feel like watching Young Frankenstien :) "Werewolf..." "Werewolf?" "There wolf... There Castle." "Why are you talking that way?"

Hehehehe :) Love it.

Alright, I'll post again as soon as I can!

Be safe everyone!

<3 Patricia Carrigan

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I was on a Web Radio Show!

Hello everyone!!!! Guess what?! You should already know... :) it's already written.. look up above. It says it right there. Yes! That's it! I was on a Web Radio Show! Hahaha. :D It was so much fun.

I kind of goofed in the beginning. I was supposed to be quiet but, I'm an easy giggler and as soon as Mike mentioned a teddy bear suit, I was all giggles. Oh goodness. :D But I had tons of fun with it and can't wait to do it again. Haha. Well, I'll stop talking already and just send you right to it :P

Here's the Link:

I hope you all are doing great and being safe and goofy when you're down. :) I know I am!
<3 Patricia Carrigan

Monday, August 29, 2011

You Have To See!!

Catrina Taylor Rudd did a wonderful "Behind the Book" of Antiserum!! It includes, (get this!) a never seen before, sneak peek of Antiserum!!!!  You just have to check it out!  I'm so excited I'm actually doing cartwheels...badly I might add ;-P  So, go see and enjoy the preview, then give me a shout out and let me know what ya think, huh???  Why not?  Pick a site, I have three!  Or twitter, or fb... lol  ttfn :-F

Saturday, August 27, 2011

School schedules and BLEEDING GREEN!

Hey everyoneeee :-F like I said, I was going to tell you guys about how my senior orientation went and all that cool jazz but I couldn't post right away because, guess what? My twin sister had her championship hockey game yesterday night! Sadly, I had to drop out of hockey before I left on my month and a half long trip. BUT! I am there for complete support with my parents and a couple of my loudest friends to cheer them on! haha! It was tons of fun especially since my friends and I kept cheering and getting everyone to join us with "LET'S GO GREEN TEAM LET'S GO!" and finally finishing with "MEAN GREEN MACHINE!" or "WE BLEED GREEN!"
And guess what? THEY WON! and even though they really did all the work and were sweaty and stinky as crazy, everyone said that we were awesome and played a huge part in keeping up the team's moral. So, YAY! teehee.

So as for my senior year orientation, it went.... Fairly easily. Haha. I'm not sure if all you guys know about this or not but in California, there's this new rule that any child k-12th grade has to have proof of their t-dap/whooping cough vaccination so the lines this year were crazy long and it went by super slow. But other than that, it was fairly easy and fun to go through knowing it was the last time I'd have to go through it. Haha. But I did get the schedule that i wanted as well as having two open periods :-f so guess what that means, I have open period that i coils just dedicate to my writing. YAY!

Well, that's all that basically happened so, BE SAFE EVERYONE!

<3 Patricia Carrigan

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Senior Year and Broken Nails :D

Hey there everybody! yes, yes... it's true... I broke a nail, while walking my three dogs. Sad, but very true. Which is kind of depressing because I had them all at perfect lengths and was so proud of them... oh well!

What's really exciting this week is that I have Senior Orientation on the 25th! WooHoo! Senior year here I come! I'm excited :D! Can you tell? It's really weird how 3 years of high school go by so fast. And I thought Sophomore year was fast, boy was I wrong, Junior year went by even faster.

I'm just hoping that I get all of the classes I want without having to go through another math class... (if you haven't noticed, I'm more of an English and Writing kind of girl). I just hope this year isn't so fast that it makes my head spin, but there are a few things I could really look forward to, that would be my fourth and final year in Glass class, seeing a whole bunch of friends that I haven't seen all summer, only five classes instead of six, and a fifteen page government essay! Yay!

I was totally being sarcastic on the last one. Like I said, I prefer English :-F

I don't think there will be any family members of mine that will try to embarrass my sister and I like last year. My oldest brother dropped us off and as he was driving away he yells in the loudest texan accent I've heard, "Hey y'all! It's VBC! Vacation Bible School! Make good choices!"
Haha! I love him.

Anyways, I'll update you guys about how orientation when and everything on the 25th or 26th. Oh Goodness! School starts next week! Ah! So soon!

Be safe y'all!

<3 Patricia Carrigan

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Hi there~

I'm happy as a short-tailed cat curled up under a rockin' chair that all of you are stoppin' by!  So glad you're falling in for a visit!  I promise to add more stuff to my Nothing Box ASAP!  In the mean time I'm adding my werewolf drawing as a snack... hope I don't leave your tummy rumblin' for more.  Of course if you get to hungry, head over to the original Nothing box, There's Cupcakes there!!! 

Monday, August 15, 2011

Survey: Should I use this piece or no?

Hello, I need you readers' help in deciding whether or not to use this piece in my next book or not. Please leave a comment on my current blog in the category 'Help the Author' or click 'Yes' or 'No' on the survey question at the bottom.

The scene is, Jocelyn Bairen was called in by Private Eye Investigator Mr. Callor. Mr. Callor has been investigating the murder of an American tourist that was in Transylvania at the same time Jocelyn was, and Mr. Callor has reason to believe Jocelyn was a part in Eric Henson's murder.

Jocelyn Bairen sat in the metal chair of the interrogation room. The room was small with one row of flickering lights in the middle of the cement ceiling that, unsurprisingly, matched the even colder cement walls. The interrogator paced in front of her on the other side of the table. His tie was undone and sweat glistened on his balding head. “Why don’t you just stay out of my head?” He asked. “Just answer my questions, please?”

Jocelyn laughed, “I just did; I favor manipulation.”

The interrogator, Mr. Callor, pinched the bridge of his nose, “That doesn’t mean you have to manipulate me into telling you the intimate details of my life. Knock it off.”

“Fine.” Jocelyn said happily as she stared at the wall to her left side, trying to find something different to look at.

Mr. Callor grabbed the back of his chair, “Let’s start over, where were you born?”

Jocelyn sighed and then turned her head to him, “Loma Linda Hospital in Loma Linda, California.”

“What do you like to do as a past time?” He fired off.

“Read.” She yawned.

Mr. Callor shifted his weight from his left foot to his right. “What do you like to read?”

Jocelyn’s eyebrows pulled together. “Ironically, vampire novels.” She almost snickered.

“Don’t joke around, Ms. Bairen.” Mr. Callor said sternly before beginning to pace again. “Do you play any sports?”

Jocelyn couldn’t help but smile, “Yes, I play hockey. You know that saying, ‘Give Blood, Play Hockey’?” She added. “Yeah, it’s perfect for me.”

She could tell Mr. Callor was getting fairly angered at this point. “I mean it,” He warned. “Take this seriously.” He sighed and blotted the sweat drops on his forehead with a pocket hankie. “What is your family like?”

Jocelyn’s nails dug into the hard steel arms of her chair, creating small notches. “They watch me like a hawk.” She stated bluntly.

Mr. Callor noticed her distaste and asked quickly, “Why’s that?”

Jocelyn slid a bit further down into the steel chair in an attempt to get comfortable. “I tend to sneak out of the house when I’m hungry.” Boredom shrouded her voice heavily.

“What do you mean by that?” He asked, leaning onto the table a little more.

Quickly seeing no more use in trying to get comfortable, Jocelyn sat up and gazed at Mr. Callor, “It means exactly what it sounds like, Mr. Callor.” Her blue eyes, shining with a bit of silver, pierced into his fiercely.

His voice quieted as he sat down, “Explain this to me.”

Jocelyn resisted the urge to growl. “You know why I’m here just as well as I do, Mr. Callor. There is no use to keep dancing around the thought you’ve wanted to say this whole time.”

She watched him gulp. “You murdered Eric Henson.” Mr. Callor’s voice wavered slightly. He hadn’t allowed himself to believe this was true.

“Yes.” Jocelyn said sternly.

“Why?” He asked; his voice suddenly hushed.

Jocelyn leaned over the table, not caring as her elongated fangs peeked from her lips as she talked. “Because I was thirsty… just as I am now.” Her voice carried an almost threatening undertone.

Mr. Callor’s hands shook slightly and his heart raced; pumping his blood so loud it excited Jocelyn. It caused her to smile broadly and expose her sharp fangs fully. Thirst had already turned her blue eyes to silver as her fingers twitched in anticipation of her gaining her new prey.

“I- I think this interview is over.” He stammered in fright.

Jocelyn was already standing slowly; capturing Mr. Callor in her deadly gaze. “I think it’s a little too late for that.” She smiled. Her hand grabbed a hold of the back of her steel chair and in one swift movement she had swung it over her head and smashed it into the lights overhead; lapsing the small room into complete darkness.

Her eyes had already adjusted in a split second, leaving Mr. Callor blindly feeling his way from his chair to the back wall.

“Marco?” Jocelyn asked in a quiet, devilish tone.

Mr. Callor began to scream.

Please leave your votes (Yay or Nay) as a comment.
Thank you very much!

<3 Patricia Carrigan

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Hi!! this site under construction!

yep, my Nothing Box on is getting full plus I thought I'd give you guys another place to find me :-F  See you soon!  Check back for pics, videos, etc.