Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!! And Happy Jellybeans!!!

Jellybeans?? You ask???
Well, I just happen to be sitting here with a small back of jellybeans that were given to me by Santa :)
.... I just wish there weren't any black licorice jellybeans... blech!
I also cannot decide whether or not I enjoy the toasted marshmallow jellybean.
Don't worry, :) I eat them anyways :))

Anywhooo!!!! I hope all of you people had a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic and merry Christmas!!! I know I did!
Thank You to everyone who wished me a Merry Christmas!

But!!! A new and fabulous year is to come! So get ready everyone and whip out those New Years Resolutions! It's time to promise yourself ANYTHING for a whole year!
I managed to keep my grades up like I promised to myself. I hope your old resolutions were conquerable as well.

Blech!!! I keep grabbing a black licorice jelly bean! If only it were a red licorice :))) particularly a pull-and-peel one :)) then I'd eat it.
Shhhh.... I'm an inner food junkie. BUT ONLY ON THE HOLIDAYS!!!...... and whenever I have a hankering for marshmallow popcorn... BUT WHO'S KEEPING COUNT! :D I know I'm not. Sorta. Haha.

Don't worry. I do try and stay healthy as much as I can. I even stopped drinking soda in July :).

Okay people!!! I am quite LITERALLY about four chapters away from finishing Part II of Antiserum! I'm excited! I hope you are too!!!

Now! Go get a-munchin' on some of those Christmas Cookies before I get to them first!!!

Be Safe!
<3Patricia Carrigan

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