Sunday, October 9, 2011

Workin' Woman!

Hey y'all!
Guess what, I have been hired by A'GACI, it's a totally awesome junior fashion clothing store :)
I'm super excited to get my working schedule and everything else started.
I just have to get in the swing with school work, writing a book, and working. I'm sure I'll manage though. I needed to start somewhere on my college money savings :).
And, I've also got a small surprise for everyone. It's just going to take a little while before I could post it. It's a video that was taken of me practicing a passage from Shakespeare's Macbeth that my sister secretly recorded on my sister-in-laws iPod. Let's just say I was being really dramatic with my reciting. BUT HEY!
Good news, I did really well when I recited it in class :) so yayyy :)
Other than that, my week was pretty good, it went by pretty fast in my opinion :) Although, that wouldn't really surprise me because junior year went by really fast, so it would only make sense for my senior year to go by even faster :)
We already recieved our progress reports and I'm passing all of my classes with an A. And I'm hoping to keep it that way for the rest of the school year, which would be "A"mazing. Hahahahaha, sorry, I couldn't resist it.
Anyways, I'm definately going to tell you how awesome work is going to be when I start and I'll keep you updated with other things over twitter and LinkedIn.
Oh, but I can tell you that IT'S HOMECOMING WEEK and our spirit day to dress up is DISNEYLAND!!! haha, yes, I'm excited. And I'm going to find some sort of disneyness from my past that I could show off :) I love Disneyland. It's bonkers how much a miss it.
Any who, I'll keep you all updated.

Be Safe Y'all!
<3Patricia Carrigan

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