Saturday, October 29, 2011

Work work work :)

Hey everyone!
I know, long time no post :) but the good news is, I am now healthy and not coughing and my voice is fully back :) yayyyyy!
But anyways, :) I have started work as a Fashion Consultant at a store that just opened up at the mall, A'GACI :) it's a really cute junior girls' fashion store :) love it!
Don't worry though! I'm still finding time to write AND do my school work :) I'm a busy bee at heart :)
Although, that's not the only way I'm described. One of my favorite followers on twitter recently described me as "She's like an angel cake laced with the secretions of crazy toads... lovely, but a bit maaaaad, too"
Teehee :) I love that, and it's definately the best description I've ever gotten :)

Well, this week was pretty busy for me with school and taking care of the dogs at home :) This was the last week to work with wet clay in my ceramics class but, not to fear, I got all of my projects finished in time for the last Bisque firing. :) And I've been told by my glass teacher that I need to create a piece for a PTSA "Diversity is..."
So, I've decided that when all of my ceramic pieces are done and my glass project is done, I will post some pictures of them AND post chapter two of Antiserum Part II: The Rising !!

I hope all of you guys are having a great time and are readying for Halloween! I know I am!

Be Safe!
<3Patricia Carrigan

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