Saturday, November 5, 2011

Pictures Galore! haha and Chapter Two!

Hello Everyone!
SUPER GOOD NEWS! I just sent a really nice check to The Burn Institute! Thank you to all of my readers for helping me in this cause!
This week was SO busy! Or... it just REALLY seemed like it. Haha :)
BUT I have stuff for all of you guys :) guess what is????? PICTURES! AND WRITING! but not just any writing... no... not at all... it is chapter TWO! OF ANTISERUM PART II: THE RISING!
So, unfortunately, my glass project wasn't fused in time to get a picture for this particular post but I do have two ceramic projects and my halloween costume to show you all :)

This was inspired by Brer Rabbit at Splash Mountain in Disneyland :)
And this is a pot that I threw on a weel :) it's so much harder to do than it looks :)
Unfortunately, these pics are a little blurry but I was red faerie for halloween :)
I have also fallen in love with Christina Perri's new song A Thousand Years. It's so sweet and so pretty. I really suggest that you all listen to it :)
NOW! the moment you've all been waiting for, GO CHECK OUT CHAPTER TWO ON THE ANTISERUM PART II PAGE!! Click here to read it! F

<3 Patricia Carrigan

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