Friday, September 30, 2011

Disaster Strikes!!!

Oh my gawd! It was so scary!!!!
It was just like any other day, I was walking through the local drug store with my mom when all of a sudden...

I thought I was done for... BUT THEN
Wow.... it was such a crazy time at the store...
But here's little Willie Woozle happy in my house
Well :) Other than that,
 Spirit week is now complete :) and I have successfully dressed up for two of the days :)
Cowgirl/Cowboy day, and Twin Day, unfortunately, I was unable to get a picture of my sister and I on twin day but we did take a picture with each other for the yearbook. BUT I do have a picture of myself on cowgirl day.
Well, :) That is how my week went, I hope all of yours went great too :D

Be safe y'all!

<3 Patricia Carrigan

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Windy Days and Sticky Hair

Hello Everyone!
How was your week? I hope they were well :)
Sadly, I wasn't able to go to the haunted bridge because of some difficulties that came up during the week... sadface.
But :) I am now a part of RABMAD which stands for Read A Book, Make a Difference. The website was made to allow readers to see which authors make donations to differents causes so that the reader knows that if they buy a book from one of the authors there then they would be contriuting to a good cause :)
Here's a link to my page on RABMAD.
Anywho :) My week at school was actually pretty good, and on top of that, guess what, next week is spirit week :)
Monday: Superhero's vs Villans Day
Tuesday: Mix & Match Day
Wednesday: Cowboy/Cowgirl Day
Thursday: Twin Day
Friday: 80's Workout Day
I'll take pictures of mine and my sister's outfits for which ever days we dress up :) Twin Day and Cowgirl day are a given :) teehee.

But, :) do you know what made my week absolutely fantastic??? I was talking to a friend of mine in my English IV class and was telling him about how my mom had taken me to get something to drink at the local Walgreens and how we ended up getting more than we originally went for including my super lollipop that we bought for about fifty cents on but just then I realized I had placed the super lollipop in my front purse pocket when I got home. So as I said that I also got a sucker, I quickly reached into my purse pocket and pulled it out which was quickly followed by a giggle and a happy dance :D it was so amazing. My friend laughed at my goofiness.
Unfortunately, it was pretty windy that day and due to the 'superness' of my super blowpop, I had to hold it while I talked and then the wind would blow and get my hair on my lollipop which would make my hair sticky. Oh... the things I go through for such an awesome lollipop. It took me near fourty minutes to get to the gum in the center but it was very much worth it :) teehee.

Well, I hope you all have a great weekend and week,
I'll be typing again soon.
<3 Patricia Carrigan

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Hot Pink, Ice Blue... and Haunted Bridges??

Haha, hey everyone!
How's it goin'? Everything is going peachy dandy over here in the bay area.
High school already seems to be going by way to fast, just three more weeks and progress reports are supposed to be coming out. Oh goodness, that's so fast to me. :)

Anyways, Antiserum Part II: The Rising is getting pretty close to being done :) yay!

As for the blog topic, I actually just painted my nails... and I have no idea why I chose the colors that I did. I painted them hot pink with ice blue tips. And, yes, they look ridiculous. Haha.

So, I've finished my second English essay, thank gawd. I may be a writer but essays are still fairly dull. And I already have two Government essays that need to get done. Luckily my teacher lowered the page expectation from fifteen pages to thirteen. Fun times :) Haha. At least I like that class. Hopefully Economics Class will be just as fun :)

Oh! and Guess what! A few of my friends and I are going on a ghost hunt! I don't really know why (I'm terrified) but lately we've all been wanting to have a good scare so, we found this place, that's basically in the middle of no where, where there is a bridge that's haunted by a witch. The story behind it is that this girl was accused of being a witch and was hung from this huge tree and buried under the bridge right next to it. And now it's said that if you go on the bridge and say that she doesn't exsist then some weird stuff will start happening. Ah! haha. You see, my friends and I actually drove out there on Friday but... by the time we got there it was pitch black out side and we all had the worst case of being a scaredy cat. It doesn't help that we spent the whole ride going down those back roads freaking ourselves out with 'it would be freaky if this happened' or the usual 'what if' talk. But I can say that because we didn't get out of the car, we all decided that we were going back this Friday and actually going on the bridge. Hahaha *nervous*.

There was something kinda weird/freaky that happened, though. We were driving back and (being that we knew how dark it was without headlights, here's a hint, pitch black) as we turned a corner off of the one lane road to the two lane, we saw this old woman walking super slow basically in the middle of the street. Now, I've seen quite a few scary movies where the old woman is always the one that's the freakiest. So, for a little while, we all disregarded her and just kept driving. But onces we got back into what we called 'civilization' where there were street lights. We all were wondering, why was that woman walking in the middle of the road when it was pitch black without a flash light, and then I pointed out... We didn't even pass her on the way towards the bridge... so where did she come from.

Haha, so that's just my supernatural fun time. I'll tell you how next Friday goes, and maybe I'll have a video as well. :)

Alrighty everyone, that's all that I really have for an update, but I'm sure I'll have some more soon :)

<3 Patricia Carrigan.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

High School

Hello everyone!!!
I just got through my SECOND week of school and I already have an english essay to write haha. It's alright though. I just need to not put it off and just get it over with. And, we're starting to read Macbeth as well as watching the movie of it. The one where it's more like a greek play instead of a real setting. So far we've gotten through the first act in both the anthology and the movie.

Although, I kinda feel like a dork when my teacher asks us what movie Macbeth also plays in and I'm the first to answer, "Lord Of The Rings; Gandalf" I'm not sure if thats how you spell it but I'm sure you get the picture. Haha. And then I noticed that one of the actors in the movie also plays the Sith Lord in Star Wars. Hehe.. I have my moments.

I blame it on how much my family loves movies :) I love it though.

Speaking of movies, I feel like watching Young Frankenstien :) "Werewolf..." "Werewolf?" "There wolf... There Castle." "Why are you talking that way?"

Hehehehe :) Love it.

Alright, I'll post again as soon as I can!

Be safe everyone!

<3 Patricia Carrigan

Thursday, September 1, 2011

I was on a Web Radio Show!

Hello everyone!!!! Guess what?! You should already know... :) it's already written.. look up above. It says it right there. Yes! That's it! I was on a Web Radio Show! Hahaha. :D It was so much fun.

I kind of goofed in the beginning. I was supposed to be quiet but, I'm an easy giggler and as soon as Mike mentioned a teddy bear suit, I was all giggles. Oh goodness. :D But I had tons of fun with it and can't wait to do it again. Haha. Well, I'll stop talking already and just send you right to it :P

Here's the Link:

I hope you all are doing great and being safe and goofy when you're down. :) I know I am!
<3 Patricia Carrigan