Sunday, January 22, 2012

I am now.... wait for ittttt.....

I am now a student ambassador!!!!! People to people accepted me and a girl that I met who was interviewed with me, her name is Melanie and after hearing that I am really into writing and am a published author she told me that she wants to be an author too :) yay! I hope she does because I think it's really fun to do haha.
Anywhooooooo, :) I really like my group leader, she seems really nice. I also found out that my group leader used to do Drill Team as well :)
If you don't know what drill team is, please, do not think of a military colorguard. I am talking about a type of dance group that does a variety of dance routines. :) I found it to be really fun. My drill team did a military routine, kickline, lyrical, bellydance, prop/novelty (our theme was aliens hahahaha O_o), and then just a 'dance' routine that was mainly for the captain, co-captain, 1st and 2nd lutenents, and some of the older dancers. haha. oh well. but yes! it was so much fun.

I can't really remember if I told you guys that I was originally a dancer. :) I started cheerleading when I was five, and continued with cheerleading until my 6th grade year when I tried out for the school's drill team, I also did basic ballet that year, afterwards, I moved my 7th grade year to the bay area and into my 8th grade year I joined a new cheerleading squad where my twin and I were two of the 3 fliers :)
Being a flier is fun, but can be very VERY painful :)
But after my 8th grade year, my sister and I stopped cheerleading and did something completely random.... We joined roller hockey... on a boys hockey league with one of our other friends. hahah. Very random. I know.

Okay, now that I'm done with my tangent.
I can't lie, I was very nervous with my interview because I knew they were only accepting 20 more people into the program. I swear the whole time I was hidding jitters. BUT DON'T WORRY!
I was smiling the whole time!
And afterwards I couldn't STOP smiling! I was so happy!
That is until my mom mentioned, "You realized you just signed all of your money away right??"
Haha, jk, I was still smiling.
Who wouldn't be? I'M GOING TO EUROPE!!!!!

I swear its a dream come true.
I just hope I could meet some of you wonderful people while I'm there. :) I'll be with the group of other people exploring the place hahahahahhaha. :)

Well, I hope all of you guys enjoyed your weekend :) I know I did!!!!!

<3 You all!!!

Patricia Carrigan

Monday, January 9, 2012

Guess What!!! Meaningful Rambles!

Okay, FIRST OFF, if you didn't see this video, I suggest you see it right now :) Larry said something, I said something, he said something, I sent something, and the ending result is, A Man... And His Man Rug.... A nice.... Gold.... Shiny... Mullet.
Watch O_O

Did I mention the video was ALSO INSPIRATIONAL??? *Punches hands up in the air in celebration* Raise the roof!


Onward with the rest of the message!

Yes, I bet you all are thinking "Of course it's the new year!" :) But still! It's wonderful.
Anyways, I wanted to tell you all that I recieved a Writer's Digest Magazine in the mail and I read over a few articles that I happened to really like :)
*grabs Writer's Digest from her side*
So, if you're a paranormal/sci-fi/fantasy writer, *flips through a few pages*, I strongly suggest that you give this article a good read, *finally finds the right page*, I couldn't help but giggle my way through it.
It's called 4 Rules for Sci-fi & Fantasy Protagonists by Steven Harper.

I have to be honest, I loved it!
It's a really informational but up beat article that I think a lot of you peoples would like a lot AND it keeps you interested. How great is that???

Well, it's not really an article. It's an excerpt! Haha. I was happy to find that out too because I think I just might go out and buy the book just to see what else he wrote. *does the 'happy dance' for emphasis*. The book is called Writing the Paranormal Novel.
READ the excerpt.
And if you like it.
READ some more! :)

Anywho!!!!! As some of you may know, I just recently had my 18th birthday!!! (January 2nd). That's right! I was ALMOST a new year's baby BUT I was stubborn and decided to stay in the womb ONE more day. I Love My Mommy THAT much! Hahaha. But I still think that having my birthday be the SECOND (literally) day of the year is a great way to start things off. Especially now that I've reached adulthood.... age-wise I mean. :) I got my career started pretty early hahahaha. That's not a bad thing though, I love that I started it so early because I feel like I've met so many wonderful people because of it. :) That's right... I'm talkin' about all of you guys hahhahahha! *HUGS!*

Did you get the virtual hug? No? Maybe? :D It was worth a try.

Bottom line is that I'm trying to say (in my own rambling way) is that the past year of marketing my book and connecting with so many wonderful people on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook, is so incredible and unbelievable, that I just wanted to say THANK YOU for supporting me or just being a good friend.

I hope that this is just as awesome (or maybe) better for everyone.

<3 you all!

Be safe!

Patricia Carrigan