Saturday, August 27, 2011

School schedules and BLEEDING GREEN!

Hey everyoneeee :-F like I said, I was going to tell you guys about how my senior orientation went and all that cool jazz but I couldn't post right away because, guess what? My twin sister had her championship hockey game yesterday night! Sadly, I had to drop out of hockey before I left on my month and a half long trip. BUT! I am there for complete support with my parents and a couple of my loudest friends to cheer them on! haha! It was tons of fun especially since my friends and I kept cheering and getting everyone to join us with "LET'S GO GREEN TEAM LET'S GO!" and finally finishing with "MEAN GREEN MACHINE!" or "WE BLEED GREEN!"
And guess what? THEY WON! and even though they really did all the work and were sweaty and stinky as crazy, everyone said that we were awesome and played a huge part in keeping up the team's moral. So, YAY! teehee.

So as for my senior year orientation, it went.... Fairly easily. Haha. I'm not sure if all you guys know about this or not but in California, there's this new rule that any child k-12th grade has to have proof of their t-dap/whooping cough vaccination so the lines this year were crazy long and it went by super slow. But other than that, it was fairly easy and fun to go through knowing it was the last time I'd have to go through it. Haha. But I did get the schedule that i wanted as well as having two open periods :-f so guess what that means, I have open period that i coils just dedicate to my writing. YAY!

Well, that's all that basically happened so, BE SAFE EVERYONE!

<3 Patricia Carrigan

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