Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas!! And Happy Jellybeans!!!

Jellybeans?? You ask???
Well, I just happen to be sitting here with a small back of jellybeans that were given to me by Santa :)
.... I just wish there weren't any black licorice jellybeans... blech!
I also cannot decide whether or not I enjoy the toasted marshmallow jellybean.
Don't worry, :) I eat them anyways :))

Anywhooo!!!! I hope all of you people had a wonderful holiday season and a fantastic and merry Christmas!!! I know I did!
Thank You to everyone who wished me a Merry Christmas!

But!!! A new and fabulous year is to come! So get ready everyone and whip out those New Years Resolutions! It's time to promise yourself ANYTHING for a whole year!
I managed to keep my grades up like I promised to myself. I hope your old resolutions were conquerable as well.

Blech!!! I keep grabbing a black licorice jelly bean! If only it were a red licorice :))) particularly a pull-and-peel one :)) then I'd eat it.
Shhhh.... I'm an inner food junkie. BUT ONLY ON THE HOLIDAYS!!!...... and whenever I have a hankering for marshmallow popcorn... BUT WHO'S KEEPING COUNT! :D I know I'm not. Sorta. Haha.

Don't worry. I do try and stay healthy as much as I can. I even stopped drinking soda in July :).

Okay people!!! I am quite LITERALLY about four chapters away from finishing Part II of Antiserum! I'm excited! I hope you are too!!!

Now! Go get a-munchin' on some of those Christmas Cookies before I get to them first!!!

Be Safe!
<3Patricia Carrigan

Saturday, December 10, 2011


I love the holiday season :)
Although, it seems like one of my neighbors is trying to compete... light wise. haha. It's really funny because where I grew up, the streets would be shut down because so many people would be walking around looking at the Christmas Lights :) it's my favorite part.
But, when we moved up to the bay area... let's just say that my neighborhood (except for a select few) doesn't dress up their houses as much :). So in return my family and I always do our best to light up our house. And usually a handful of other neighbors dressed up their houses in their usual way but THIS year, when we added a few more strings of lights around our yard, the other neighbor added twice as many lights than they originally had AND an inflatable snow globe!!!!!
There are so many more lights on between our two houses that our newest neighbors across the street was joking about how they had to get in on the competition. Haha. :)
Unfortunately, our own inflatable snowglobe with the cute little penguin on the inside "broke"... or that's what my sister told me. I personally think that she wants a new one. But I say, "The more the MERRIER!"
Haha... Christmas Pun.

Anywhooooo, next Wednesday, my school hosts a Winter Festival... aka WinterFest. And the choir, the band, and the art class, glass class, and the ceramics class, all display what they could do :)
Guess who has some stuff going on display :)
For glass, I made a dream catcher :))))
The whole top part and the feathers are made of clear glass and decorated with glass spaghetti rods.
I will show you the finished product of my ceramic piece which is the Secret Container. Haha I made a big 'ol penguin with little fat rolls over his toes and a beanie. The secret conainer part of it is that it's head comes off and you could put stuff in his body :D it's so cute but it will be done by next week. I'll take a picture of it then and post it :)
Oh! Speaking of my penguin, when you're glazing, you can't get any glaze on the bottom of it or else it will get stuck on the kiln shelf and that's a big no no. So I was scrubbing the booty of my penguin when I suddenly get a phone call, now don't get all upset because I answered it in class, don't worry, my teacher said that she understands if people have to take a phone call if it's work, family emergency, etc. Now, because I get different phone calls from Trafford, I can't always save the different numbers that they use all the time. This phone call (I at first thought) could be just like the last so I answered and MY GOODNESS, I was surprised! It was actually someone from the college that I REALLY want to go to! And apparently, a couple weeks ago, when I went to the meeting for the college at my school, the lady I was speaking to told someone else and now they invited me to go to a dinner that they're hosting next week!!!!
I'm so happy about it!!!! yay!

Haha. Other than that, I've been working at A'GACI and writing away, as well as working on homework and coming up with more glass projects AND perfecting the art of throwing a pot. I think I got the hang of it now. :D If you haven't tried it, then I must say, it's a lot harder than it looks :)))))


Oh!!! and guess what!!! NOT ONLY is Christmas in about two weeks but guess what is 7 days after it????? MY BIRTHDAYYYYY!!!!!!! That's right, January 2 is my birthday, as well as my twin's birthday. :D

Alrighty, I WILL post again soon!!!

Be Safe and Cheery!!
<3 Patricia Carrigan