Sunday, March 4, 2012

Awesome surprises, ball dresses, and... more dresses :)

Hey everyone!
Haha, I had the hardest time finding my computer this morning so I could do this post. :) I felt like a dummie when I finally found it. I apparently fell asleep with it on my bed last night and it was next to me the whole time. Haha!
But now, I am back again to tell you how my week has been :)
I've told a few people on twitter that my special someone and his friend were planning a surprise for me and a friend of mine on Saturday :)
Well, they planned a very wonderful surprise :), Mikayla and I showed up at Tyler's house were we noticed that the big red truck had bikes piled into the back and they took Mikayla and I to the Marina for a bike ride and a cute little picnic down over by the water. :) It was adorable. The spot where we ate had "the carcass of a small cargo boat that went from australia to china and back" or something like that :) haha.
Don't worry I took pictures:
Andddd! as you all know, I am a senior in high school which means.... I WENT BALL DRESS SHOPPING :)
and I found the perfect dress. :) i love it.
Unfortunately, I cannot post a picture of it, just in case my date sees it. BUT I can post a pic of the design. Haha, it's not much but I could tell you that I really can't wait until I could wear it. Oh! And I definately cannot wait until I could shop for the shoes to go with it! Yay!
And, as for the "and more dresses" part of the title, it is "Dresses Theme" Weekend at A'GACI, so I bought a new dress and blazer yesterday that I wore, and I could easily say that it is my new favorite dress, (other than my ball dress) haha. But today I'm just wearing a skirt and blazer. I'm not buying another dress for work haha.
Oh! and be sure to check out Foghat's new tour dates! Try and find one closest to your area and go see them! I know I will! :)

Be Safe and Have Fun everyone!!!

<3 Patricia Carrigan

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