Sunday, May 20, 2012

Senior Ball And Sunburns!!

Hey everyone!!!! :)
I just had my Senior Ball!!!! And I have some pictures to share with all of you :) :)
It was so much fun, and so much better than last year :)
So, instead of being in a tent sorta thingy on Treasure Island like last year, it was at a top floor penthouse at the Metreon in San Fransciso!!!! So much FUN!!!
Now, I could show you all what my dress looked like instead of just the design like I did a few blog posts ago :)
Oh, and you wanna know how we got there????? My date, my sister, her date, and a couple other friends, all met up at another friend's house to meet up with about 42 more people to get on one of THE biggest party buses I've EVER SEEN!!!!  :) Totally cool :) Haha.
Ok, I'll get on with the picture sharing :D
Best Picture Of My Dress :) You all remember my valentine, Andrew right? :)
View from the top of the Metreon
(left to right) Jesse, Mary (J.B.), Tyler, Mikayla, Andrew, and Me! :)
This is one of my most favorite photos of the night :)
Sorry it's kind of blurry :) but we're standing in front of the bus in this pic :) Andrew had to hold my purse because the chain kept getting caught in on my dress hahaha
Now, I don't have the official Ball pictures yet :) but I should be recieving them soon which I'm really excited for :) There are other pictures I'd like to post as well but I have to scan them into the computer still. :) haha.

Onward to the SUNBURN explanations....
well, it's kinda embarassing, but I blame it on the really old SPF 30 sunscreen we were all using hahaha.
Monday, was kind of a national holiday for the Seniors in my high school, *cough cough* Senior Ditch Day *cough cough*
DON'T WORRY!!! I turned in all of the assignments that were due that day a week before it was due. :) I'm still a good student.
Anywho!!! Andrew and I came up with this wonderful idea that we should take Mikayla, Tyler, Mary, and Jesse, to Santa Cruz so that we could all hang out on the beach :) Cool idea right??? It was a Monday so who would really be hanging out at the beach. I'll tell ya, not many people :)
So, we started off the morning early, just like we were getting ready to go to school, then Andrew came by the house to come pick up me and Mary, then we drove over to Jesse's house were we all drove over to Denny's BECAUSE they're having this really cool thing were you "Build your own Pancakes". Oh yeah :) It's just as wonderful as it sounds :). Not the most healthy breakfast though hahaha. :)
Unfortunately, Tyler and Mikayla couldn't come with us because Tyler had to go to first and third period (monday schedual is 1,3,2,4,5,6) for an in-class essay assignment. But Mary, Jesse, Andrew, and I had fun pigging out :)
So, :) at about 10 a.m. we all met up at Jesse's house again and OFF WE WENT to Santa Cruz!!!!
It was really funny when we got there though because we had to park by a parking meter and every dollar was about 40 minutes so we put like four dollars worth of quarters in and started to walk down the street when we found a change machine! So, we all thought "How handy?" and put in a dollar expecting four quarters to come out. NOPE. Instead, one coin came out, and it was a dollar coin! HAHAHAHA!
We didn't read the bold letters on the machine that said "change exchange for dollar coins only" hahahah!!
Luckily though, the meter took it as an actual dollar amount.
And with that situation fixed up and a little more than five hours on the meter, we set out for the beach with our coolers full of flavored waters and sandwiches!
Now, like I said, we were only armed with this really thick, old, SPF 30 sunscreen.... and we weren't to religious about putting it on every hour and a half hahahah. Our fault. The result of about 5 hours in the sun was really bad sun burns on all of our backs (except for Tyler), and even worse sun burns on mine and Mikayla's behinds. O_O I was completely unaware that a bottom could be sunburned!!! Please don't ask me why, but I just didn't think it was possible haha. I'm dreading the day that that particular sun burn starts to itch. That'll be very lady like of me.
:) Bottom line of this whole past weekend??? SUPER AMOUNTS OF FUN!!!!!!! :)
AND just for a good spot of randomness, I just happened to be scrolling through the t.v. channels when I ran across my most FAVORITE episode of The Big Bang Theory, but only because Sheldon says my most favorite thing ever! So I typed down the quote word for word (minor typo in it that I noticed after I created the image, supposed to be "brought you five", not "brought you a five") and put it together with a picture of a disappointed Sheldon. :) So here you all go :)
HAHAHA I love Sheldon!
Be safe everyone!!!
<3 Patricia Carrigan

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