Sunday, January 22, 2012

I am now.... wait for ittttt.....

I am now a student ambassador!!!!! People to people accepted me and a girl that I met who was interviewed with me, her name is Melanie and after hearing that I am really into writing and am a published author she told me that she wants to be an author too :) yay! I hope she does because I think it's really fun to do haha.
Anywhooooooo, :) I really like my group leader, she seems really nice. I also found out that my group leader used to do Drill Team as well :)
If you don't know what drill team is, please, do not think of a military colorguard. I am talking about a type of dance group that does a variety of dance routines. :) I found it to be really fun. My drill team did a military routine, kickline, lyrical, bellydance, prop/novelty (our theme was aliens hahahaha O_o), and then just a 'dance' routine that was mainly for the captain, co-captain, 1st and 2nd lutenents, and some of the older dancers. haha. oh well. but yes! it was so much fun.

I can't really remember if I told you guys that I was originally a dancer. :) I started cheerleading when I was five, and continued with cheerleading until my 6th grade year when I tried out for the school's drill team, I also did basic ballet that year, afterwards, I moved my 7th grade year to the bay area and into my 8th grade year I joined a new cheerleading squad where my twin and I were two of the 3 fliers :)
Being a flier is fun, but can be very VERY painful :)
But after my 8th grade year, my sister and I stopped cheerleading and did something completely random.... We joined roller hockey... on a boys hockey league with one of our other friends. hahah. Very random. I know.

Okay, now that I'm done with my tangent.
I can't lie, I was very nervous with my interview because I knew they were only accepting 20 more people into the program. I swear the whole time I was hidding jitters. BUT DON'T WORRY!
I was smiling the whole time!
And afterwards I couldn't STOP smiling! I was so happy!
That is until my mom mentioned, "You realized you just signed all of your money away right??"
Haha, jk, I was still smiling.
Who wouldn't be? I'M GOING TO EUROPE!!!!!

I swear its a dream come true.
I just hope I could meet some of you wonderful people while I'm there. :) I'll be with the group of other people exploring the place hahahahahhaha. :)

Well, I hope all of you guys enjoyed your weekend :) I know I did!!!!!

<3 You all!!!

Patricia Carrigan

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